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Our Truth, Our Stories

Narratives shape the way we see the world

We’re shifting harmful narratives about poverty and uplifting authentic voices of the Southeast DC community.

Story Archive

We worked with local organizations and community members from Southeast D.C. to co-create a campaign focused on changing harmful narratives by sharing authentic, community-driven stories. We invite you to listen to these stories and celebrate the often-overlooked narratives about the Southeast community that are rooted in collective care, generosity, and pride.

Stories move people, and people move policy

Interpreting the world around us is difficult, so people often rely on narratives —collections of stories representing a central idea or belief— to make sense of it. Narratives are powerful. They drive public imagination and attitudes toward people who live in poverty. Because narratives are a lens through which we view and judge the world, narratives also shape how we interact with the world: what positions we take on policy, how we vote, and how we treat other people in our communities. False narratives around poverty are some of the strongest held in the United States, which have led to misunderstandings about poverty and its causes and often result in misguided social policy. But this also presents an opportunity: changing false poverty narratives has the potential to create support for effective social policies and programs that actually address poverty’s root causes.Our Truth, Our Stories is a campaign that centers stories from Southeast DC community members to reimagine narratives about poverty. We are uplifting narratives of collective care, solidarity, and generosity using behavioral science. 

What narratives do you hold about poverty?

Narratives are collections of stories that communicate a central idea. We use narratives to make sense of the world, including how we understand poverty. This 5-minute quiz will assess your beliefs and attitudes about five common poverty narratives and show you how you compare to others.Ready to see where you land?

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